The ULTIMATE Christmas Song

It’s ULTIMATE in that we promise never to do another one.


Middlesbrough’s least necessary comedy night returns on Saturday Nov 1st

We Got More Stars

“Hilarious” – Broadway Baby ★★★★

Preview Reviews

We previewed Hammer Time at the lovely Silly Billies at the Cumberland Arms in Newcastle.


Three sketches, three jokes, a song and out.


Some true facts from the past, which is everything that happened before you read this.

We Got Some Stars

We got a review, and it’s a beaut. Four stars – that’s nearly one each.

The Noahs

No animals were harmed during the making of this film, but we did insult a squirrel afterwards. Directed by Tom Marshall.

No Sex, Bad Teeth

Our short sketchy film No Sex has been short listed for Hat Trick/Bad Teeth’s Short and Funnies award this year.

Bang on Trend

What’s trending on your meatspace facefeed this season?