We Are Heavy Petting

We are Heavy Petting, Middlesbrough’s second-tallest sketch group.

“Inventively absurd… lively and unique… exceptional acting… a severed human head.” ★★★★ – Three Weeks

Comedy Sketches! Live sketches. Filmed sketches. Written sketches. Sketches we’ve just thought of which are going to be really funny but no, we haven’t actually written them down or anything but when we do they will be brilliant leave me alone I’ll write it tomorrow, Jesus, who made you the sketch-writing police?

Sketches. It’s what we do. And what we also sometimes don’t do but will definitely do tomorrow, ok?

Shortlisted this year for Hat Trick comedy’s Short and Funnies award, we have written and/or performed for the BBC (Shooting Stars, Comedy Shuffle), ITV (Cobravision), Dave (Totally Viral) and Radio 4 (The Wondermentalist Cabaret).

We didn’t choose the name, it was bestowed upon us by a dying wizard. He’s still dying. We’ll change the name when he dies but til then we don’t want to hurt his feelings, ok?

You can find us doing sketches every month at Broken Mic Comedy in Newcastle.

Welcome to Heavy Petting.