It’s a FIASCO!

Literally* anything** could happen***.

* Not “literally”.
** Definition of “anything” strictly limited to things that are nice, largely legal and def worth four quids.
*** This word fine. No need for footnote.

Heavy Petting, Middlesbrough’s second-tallest sketch group, have scoured the nation (Sheffield) and found the best in alternative and sketch comedy (from Sheffield). And they are bringing it to YOU!


Who’s we bringing?

Only bloody SAM & TOM!

Sketch comedy without the sketches. Characters on the edge, who feel like they’re constantly about to come crashing down, and often do. That bit in 2001 when Bowman goes through the Star-gate and becomes the star-child, or the bit in Police Academy 2 that’s similar, you know the bit? That’s Sam & Tom.

In a previous incarnation Sam & Tom were 2/3 of a critically acclaimed sketch group who won the ‘So You Think That’s Funny’ Best New Sketch Act award.

“Silly, frantic, witty stuff” **** Gigglebeats


Only bloody SEAN MORLEY!

Warm. Surreal. Charming. Beard. Glasses.

“His bizarre parallels of surrealism and sharp wit create a unique brand of comedy that draws a packed out room of punters” – Forge Press

“Definitely one to watch” Kate Copstick The Scotsman


Only bloody ACT TBC!

What can we say about this guy/lady? With his/her great jokes/sketches/opinions? And lovely smile/eyes/shoes? One thing’s for sure… this outrageous/hard-hitting/whimsical/topical comedian/double act/collective definitely has a driving license as they are driving Sam, Tom and Sean to Middlesbrough! Great times!



You are about to witness the strength of street justice. Our resident social crusader will be getting all up in The Man’s shit. Look out, the Man.


With sketches, songs, lollipops and investigative journalism, Heavy Petting’s FIASCO is sure to be a thing which happens! Will it happen to/near you? Let’s hope so!


WHERE? The Westgarth Social Club
WHEN? Saturday 31st January
WHERE? We already told you.
HOW MUCH? 4 quids
WHY? What, why 4 quids?
NO, WHY THE WHOLE THING? Wow… well, because… look, can I get back to you on that?
SURE. Thanks.

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