March 7th. FIASCO is Middlesbrough’s best alternative comedy night.

It must be, we’ve put it on our posters and everything!
Who’ve we got coming?


The absolute best in sketch comedy. Fast paced and irreverent, Gein’s Family Giftshop have an enviable gag rate and a stage presence that more established groups can only dream of.

Winners – London Sketchfest – Best New Sketch – 2014
Winners – London Sketchfest – Audience Choice – 2014

“The Manchester trio work harder and tighter than James Brown, with the kind of sensibility that would unsettle even the darkest League of Gentlemen fan”
— The Sunday Times

“The group’s strength lies in their awkward and strangely honest performances, self-referential without being snarky, even when breaking they managed to turn it into part of the show. A joy to watch, provided you don’t suffer from a nervous disposition”
— The Skinny


only bloody AL GREAVES!

Expect comedy, poetry and songs about love, fear, dinosaurs and death.

‘Greaves is a sweetheart who will make you laugh and clap and grin without realising it.’ – The Skinny


only bloody STANLEY BROOKS!

Stanley Brooks​ is York’s most motivational speaker. He will help you win your dream job (admin).

“Highly entertaining” – One and Other


only bloody ACT TBC!

What can we say about [insert name here]? She has a monkey! That’s literally all we know. But monkeys are funny, right?



There’ll also be a metric fuck-tonne of funny doings, plus lollipops. GET YOUR FACE THERE.

WHERE? The Westgarth Social Club
WHEN? Saturday 7th March
WHERE? We already told you.
HOW MUCH? 4 quids
WHY? What, why 4 quids?
NO, WHY THE WHOLE THING? Wow… well, because… look, can I get back to you on that?
SURE. Thanks.