It’s a splendid night of high-tech lo-fi comedy geekery at the Westgarth this month!tkot - babies

“LOADS of fun” – Gigglebeats

Who’ve we got this time?


‘If Flight of the Conchords met Moss from the IT Crowd, and they had two illegitimate love children that they then left in a room unsupervised, this would be the result.’ ★★★★★ – Broadway Baby

Foxdog Studios are IT rock ‘n’ roll consultants for hire. They practise the two greatest arts of all time: music and computer programming. Use your smartphone to interact with the jams onstage.

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Becky Walker has been a lighthouse keeper, a nightclub shots girl and an Easter Bunny impersonator. More recently she has gotten a job tidying up after comedians at the Edinburgh, Leicester and Melbourne festivals and for 3 years has been performing in some of the UK’s most prestigious comedy venues after everyone else has gone home. Dark but charming stand-up and stories from the depths of rural Yorkshire and beyond.

Nominative determinism gone wild! Peter Bread is a tour guide (and former baker) based in York who is best known for establishing York’s first ever “Toast Walk”. a pioneering tourist experience which overlooks Yorks boring supernatural history, and instead tells the story of the city through baking. He is sure to be the “toast” of the night! We hope he doesn’t ask for too much “dough”! (We’re pretty sure these aren’t the jokes he’ll be doing.)

We’re not saying that BOB SLAYER is definitely coming because he is having bus problems. But if his bus is willing… Bob Slayer is definitely doing FIASCO!

Twice nominated for the Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality, he’s also won a bunch of awards for pioneering independent ways: Most notably turning a Double Decker bus into a mobile Theatre and popping up all over the UK.

“Good natured, bad behaviour from a very funny man…” Kate Copstick, The Scotsman
“Bob Slayer is one of the genuine alternative comedians… Spirit of the Fringe” The Guardian

PLUS! sketches, songs and meaningful silences from superstar sketch group Heavy Petting, it’s going to be a laugh. Possibly more than one. Fingers crossed!


WHERE? The Westgarth Social Club
WHEN? Saturday 28th May
WHAT TIME? Doors at 7.30
WHERE? We already told you.
HOW MUCH? 5 quids
WHY? What, why 5 quids?
NO, WHY THE WHOLE THING? Wow… well, because… look, can I get back to you on that?
SURE. Thanks.