Edinburgh 2016

Oh shit, son, it’s on again.

We’re doing a thing! For the whole of the Edinburgh thing! An hour of our funny sketches, jokes and faces.
12pm-1pm August 4th – 28th. Venue 259 The Hanover Tap

Here’s how the schedule is looking:

12pm A funny joke.

12.03 A joke that is less immediately funny. Still good, though.

12.05 Two or three fairly disappointing jokes, especially in the light of how good the first joke was.

12.10 Not really a joke at all, more a wryly amusing observation, and now I think about it, with hindsight the joke at 12.03 doesn’t really work. Its premise is flawed.

12.15 A sentence that sounds like it should be a joke, like, it’s got a “jokey rhythm” but it’s not actually funny. I don’t get it, anyway.

12.20 A joke that makes me laugh, but I think you have to get the reference, which not everybody will.

12.30 Oh, this is hilarious! A real return to form! Funny and accessible! Hipsters DO look like lumberjacks!

12.31 HAHAHA! Sorry, I just got the joke from 12.15. That is a good one. Very clever!

12.40 This one is not funny, it’s just rude. If you laugh at this then I worry about you, I really do. There is nothing funny about vaginas.

12.45 Three good jokes, let down slightly by having already been written by Tim Vine in 2007, and then again by Jimmy Carr in 2013, only he changed the punchline to “thieving gipsies”.

12.55 Hmm. I would probably find this joke funnier if my dog hadn’t recently lost his nose chasing a chicken across the road.

1pm onwards Oh, I like this bit. I’d like to see this bit continue for a while.

We will see you there.

“Middlesbrough sketch-pros Heavy Petting put on a wacky and fast-paced comedy sketch show complete with a weird fetish for Batman, hitting people with hammers and totally authentic hip hop. It’s mad-cap oddness with big laughs and fat grins.”

“Heavy Petting also have the innate ability to perform a set of individual sketches that cleverly draw upon each other, melting into each other to provide a unique yet flowing performance.”

“Throw in some witty acoustic sing-songs and several interesting props including a rubber hammer and a severed human head, some exceptional acting, plenty of light hearted humour and some clever satirical quips – this lively and unique sketch show will certainly have you leaving feeling wickedly uplifted.”
★★★★ THREE WEEKS 2013