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This is Heavy Petting. We are from Middlesbrough and we write and perform sketches and short films because they’re not going to write and perform themselves.

“Middlesbrough sketch-pros Heavy Petting put on a wacky and fast-paced comedy sketch show complete with a weird fetish for Batman, hitting people with hammers and totally authentic hip hop. It’s mad-cap oddness with big laughs and fat grins.”

Our shows are a fast-paced low-fi mix of sketches, jokes, songs, home-made props and brutal hammer beatings. Something for everyone who likes one or more of those things.

“Heavy Petting also have the innate ability to perform a set of individual sketches that cleverly draw upon each other, melting into each other to provide a unique yet flowing performance.”

In 2013 we were shortlisted for Hat Trick comedy’s Short and Funnies sketch award, with this film.

“Heavy Petting is a thoroughly entertaining comedy sketch show performed by five friends from Middlesbrough. This funny five-some throw in some witty acoustic sing-songs and several interesting props including a rubber hammer and a severed human head. With some exceptional acting, plenty of light hearted humour and some clever satirical quips – this lively and unique sketch show will certainly have you leaving feeling wickedly uplifted.”
★★★★ THREE WEEKS 2013

In 2011 we were writers/performers with Kudos/Brown Eyed Boy’s Alchemy EH1 project, creating characters, writing sketches, performing, and supplying small, neatly-labeled jars of blood, saliva and “leavings” because they asked us to.