We Got Some Stars

We got a review, and it’s a beaut. Four stars – that’s nearly one each.

The Noahs

No animals were harmed during the making of this film, but we did insult a squirrel afterwards. Directed by Tom Marshall.

No Sex, Bad Teeth

Our short sketchy film No Sex has been short listed for Hat Trick/Bad Teeth’s Short and Funnies award this year.

Bang on Trend

What’s trending on your meatspace facefeed this season?


Words and pictures to help you be less of a doyle guide you through life.

Wrestlers and Biscuits

A photographic celebration of biscuits and the wrestlers who hold them. By Jayne Elwell.

THIS is coming.

Our semi-regular sketch n character comedy night returns to Middlesbrough this March 29th. Remember – we’ll do anything for love but we won’t do that. We’ll do THIS!

Gigs 2013

We are good at sketches. Want us to prove it? Come and see us sketch at these times and places: 30th June Sunderland Comedy Festival Edinburgh Preview Show Infinity Bar & Entertainment Suite,… Continue reading

Maniac Flap

A short film we made for David Isaac’s The House That Stank of Death live show last year.

Filming Maniac Flap

A harrowing gallery of shamefulness.