Casa Bellini – 28/09/12

We done sketches with the girls again! Jeremiah – a whole different ball game. Office-based innuendo in Meet You. No sex in No Sex. Orangs are not the only fruitcakes – The Noahs.

Back at The Stand

We’re back at our favourite comedy club on September 12th. See you there! (We’ll be the ones at the front, stuffing savouries down our pants).

We Did Edinburgh!

And we survived! In case you missed our show, this is what you missed… This was the show… We made some new friends… And after ten shows we looked like this… And that’s… Continue reading

Fan Art!

Wow. This is the coolest thing ever. M. Remy Bousquet, French dude extraordinaire, came to see the show twice, and then he gave us this. Our very first (and almost certainly last) bit… Continue reading

More Bang For Your Trend

Edinburgh 2012 Teaser Trailer

Featuring our most sophisticated punchline yet! (Actually, we have a better one, about vomit, which we’ll keep as a surprise. We do spoil you!)


We are good at sketches. Want us to prove it? Come and see us sketch at these times and places: 8th August Red Raw, The Stand, Newcastle 8.30 Another ten minute spot at… Continue reading

Heavy Petting at Casa Bellini 14-07-12

We did four more sketches at Casa Bellini at ARC this Saturday: No Sex, Meet You, Boro Burlesque and Big Night In. They went pretty well! There was some other stuff happening that… Continue reading

Heavy Petting Do Burlesque Again

This! Four portions of Heavy Petting, plus the region’s finest burlesque performers. What more do you want? You want a biscuit? We’ll give you a biscuit. ARC in Stockton on Saturday 14th July.… Continue reading

Edinburgh Poster