At Casa Bellini 12-05-12

We are now the official sketch group of the Casa Bellini Burlesque night. For the record, we remain more or less fully clothed. Only our jokes are naked, and ashamed. All photographs are… Continue reading

Totally Flim

*if you have to look up “bukkake”, don’t.

Distraction Jackson

Gary is afflicted with a disastrously short attention span, a problem which many oth… note to self: finish synopsis asap.

Home Makeover

Here’s a slightly bawdy confection, performed live at The Stand in Newcastle. It’s based on a true story. Well, true-ish. Well, someone once had their house decorated, or so we heard.

We Are Going To Edinburgh

August 16th-26th, 11.05pm at The Alcove, Bar 50. It’s going to be messy. The award-winning* Heavy Petting will make you laugh your socks off (bring spares) with their sketches, jokes and faces. An… Continue reading

Heavy Petting at The Stand

We’re doing a spot at The Stand in Newcastle this Wednesday 18th Jan. We were just going to perform all our best sketches but we’ve got to do 10 minutes so expect filler.

Distraction Jackson

A couple of months ago we made a short film for the National Film Challenge 2011. We had three days to write and make a short film. The pic above shows us working… Continue reading

Tim on Radio 4

Tim Petting: Oh my gosh! A song about a goldfish what I did write was on Radio 4 last night! Performed (and polished a bit) by the wonderful Helen Arney! It’s at 13… Continue reading


Well-Loved Celebrity Dies One of Britain’s best-loved celebrities died yesterday, from complications. The veteran entertainer was a staple of the BBC’s light entertainment line up for many years before retiring then dying. He… Continue reading

We Are Heavy Petting

We are Heavy Petting, Middlesbrough’s second-tallest sketch group.