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Casa Bellini – 28/09/12

We done sketches with the girls again! Jeremiah – a whole different ball game. Office-based innuendo in Meet You. No sex in No Sex. Orangs are not the only fruitcakes – The Noahs.

Heavy Petting at Casa Bellini 14-07-12

We did four more sketches at Casa Bellini at ARC this Saturday: No Sex, Meet You, Boro Burlesque and Big Night In. They went pretty well! There was some other stuff happening that… Continue reading

Heavy Petting Do Burlesque Again

This! Four portions of Heavy Petting, plus the region’s finest burlesque performers. What more do you want? You want a biscuit? We’ll give you a biscuit. ARC in Stockton on Saturday 14th July.… Continue reading